#MovilPack  Full Day Ica+Nasca Lines

  • Overflight to Nasca Lines from Ica
  • all included only $320

What is included?

  • Land transfer Lima – Ica – Lima with Movil Tours.
  • Breakfast on board.
  • Flight over the Nazca Lines (includes TUUA).
  • Excursion to Huacachina.
  • Tourist lunch.
  • Spanish/english tour conductor

Conditions and Restrictions: Rate per person. Includes taxes. Rate valid from 01/01/2015 until 31/12/2015.

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who we are?

Movil Air is the new Peruvian airline part of the Matos Group . This group  has experience in the tourism business at national level since 1988 when they founded the company Movil Tours S.A. , today´s leading company in tourist transport service, interprovincial and cargo.

Movil Air offers daily overflights in Nazca Lines supported by a certification that guarantees the standards of safety, quality and efficiency in their service. The company has  the latest generation CESSNA GRAND CARAVAN aircraft from 2013 and 2012. The capacity of each aircraft is for 12 passengers and equipped with advanced technology. Aircrafts have highly trained expert staff. This ensures passengers a safe and unforgettable tour.


Enjoy the unforgettable experience of overflight the Nasca lines with our modern art craft GRAND CARAVAN CESSNA GARMIN 1000, fabrication 2013 and 2012.

You can enjoy watching 15 geoglyphs: the whale, trapezoids, astronaut, monkey, dog, hummingbird, condor, spider, alcatraz-flamingo, parrot, hands and the tree, 3 figures in Palpa and visit the Cantalloc Aqueduct.

The flight departures are scheduled from 6:00 am until 5:00 pm and are subject to weather conditions.

Lines Classic
  • – You will appreciate the 12 most representative figures of Nasca.
  • – Deliver of our Certificate for having made ​​the circuit “Lines Classic”.
  • – Duration: 30 min. from Nasca. 1:10 hrs. from Ica.
Pampas Full
  • – You will appreciate the 12 figures of Nasca, 3 Palpa figures, a view of the Aqueducts and/or the Valleys of Ocucaje and Palpa.
  • – Deliver of our Certificate for having made ​​the circuit “Pampas Full”.
  • – Duration: 45 min. from Nasca. 1:20 hrs. from Ica.
 Units: 3
 Years: 2013 and 2012
 Manufacturer: United States
 Crew: 1 pilot and 1 copilot
 Capacity: 12 passengers
 Equipment: Oxygen mask per seat, fire extinguishers, air conditioning, first aid kit, flame retardant leather seats, automatic pilot, integrated communication system, 02 entrance doors and escape, GlassCockipt System (G1000), Turboprop, windows , side wings located at the top for more and better visibility.
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Reservations and info:


Aerodrome Maria Reiche Neuman, Nasca – Peru

Mobile: +51 940495158


Aerodrome Las Dunas, Panamericana Sur Km. 299, Ica – Peru

Mobile: +51 940495155


Av. Materiales 2215, Lima – Peru

Phone: +51(1) 716-8005 Mobile: +51 940495156

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            10 reasons to overflight from Ica with Movil Air

            1. Modern Aircrafts

            We have 2 new Cessna aircrafts

            2. Expert Pilots

            Our pilots have extensive experience, numbering more than 40,000 hours of flight.

            3. Best Rates

            Lower rate than the overflight from Pisco.

            4. Total Availability for Departures

            Las Dunas airport is all available to Movil Air.

            5. Infrastructure

            Spacious and comfortable modern infrastructure with a waiting room, restaurant and an exclusive briefing room for impressive presentations.

            6. Flight Time

            The flight time from Ica is reduced to 1:10 hrs., so tourists will be more apt to continue their day tours.

            7. More geoglyphs and landscapes to display

            New landscapes, as the Ocucaje Valley, the Palpa Valleygeoglyphs and 2 more: Palpa Hummingbird and La Estrella, a total of 14 geoglyphs.

            8. Best Weather

            Ica has the advantage of having a better climate for airworthiness.

            9. Tourist Options

            Huacachina, Ocucaje, Museum, wineries, tubulars, sandboarding. Plus: Movil Air is associated with Las Dunas Hotel.

            10. To promote Tourism Process

            We seek to encourage the process of tourism and social development that is taking place in Ica.